Bank Account Information
                                  Official Bank Account Information
Bank Account Details:
Account Name                                    Zhengzhou Olive Electronic technology Co.,Ltd.
Account No  OSA11443632983016
Beneficiary Bank  Name Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Beneficiary Bank Address                                    
 No.689, Floor 12th, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Offshore Banking Unit, Dongyin Building, Beijing East Road, Shanghai, China
USD Mainland Account :
Account Name Zhengzhou Olive Electronic technology Co.,Ltd.
Account No 2507 3562 4399
Beneficiary Bank SWIFTBIC BKCHCNBJ530
Beneficiary Bank Name: Bank of China Hua Yuan Sub-branch Zhengzhou
Beneficiary Bank Address: 40th Huayuan RD Zhengzhou Henan China
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Name: Selinaqu
Email: selina@zzolive.com or info@zzolive.com

We chat & What's app: 0086 159 8181 4377

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About Us
Zhengzhou Olive Electronic Technology Co.,ltd, established in 2006, is a rapid growing enterprise who integrate the production and marketing of oxygen concentrator and related healthcare products.

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