Auto Cpap Machine

Bipap Machine Bipap/CPAP Breathing Device with Mask and Humidifier

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Bipap Machine Bipap Breathing Device with Mask and Humidifier

Product Description
Auto CPAP machines or Continuous positive air pressure machines, are widely used to treat sleep apnea, a medical condition that causes temporary loss of breath during the night. CPAP machines are electronic devices that draw in outside air using an internal fan, humidify the air and pressurize it, and then deliver it to users via a connective hose and breathing face mask.CPAP pressurizes air to one constant level, depending on the user’s prescription to ensure you receive the optimum pressure levels for successful sleep therapy

BiPAP/CPAP Machine Product Feature:

1、 Work mode :CPAP,Auto-,S,T,S,T CPAP+ERP
2、 Real-Time display treatment data
3、 Alarm for power off or mask off
4、 TUV CE and ISO certificated
5、 One Year Data Storage, USB Data Export,
6. Combined smart technologies
7. Heating And Humidification Adjustable 5 Levels

Model OLV-B19
Display 3.5’’ TFT LCD
Mode CPAP, S , T , S/T                                            
Pressure 4-25CM H2O
Belex(1-3 level) 2-4cmH2O
Ramp 0-60min
Titration Yes
Automatic Leakage Compensation     Yes
Automatic Altitude Adjustable Yes
Automatic ON/OFF Yes
USB Download to PC Yes
Sound Pressure Level <30dBA
Package GW:3.98kg
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1. just felt uncomfortable with the ventilator

This is the problem that I don't adapt to when I first wear the ventilator. I suggest you can take it for a while and gradually increase the wearing time.

2.Feel the air leak in the mask or other places.

Improper adjustment of the mask, continuous loosening, the mask pipeline is damaged It is recommended that you adjust the mask to a suitable position, confirm that there is no air leakage around the mask, check the management and the machine, the firm connection between the pipeline and the mask, and confirm that your mask and pipeline are not damaged

3.Feel the pressure of the mask is quite strong.
The next day there were obvious indentations or even redness

The mask is improperly adjusted, not worn properly, not suitable for wearing It is recommended that you wear the mask correctly, adjust it to the proper position, and control the tightness

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