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Olive 10L(OLV-10S)- For 2 Person Same Time Use Medical Grade Dual Flow Dual Use 10L Oxygen-concentrator

OLV-10S model is medical standard oxygen machine.oxygen purity over 90% at all the oxygen flow 1L to 5L. Suit for two people use at the same time

Dual Flow Medical Oxygen Concentrator Product Description

The olive series of fixed two-stream oxygen concentrators can be used for two people to inhale oxygen at the same time. It is a humanized continuous flow oxygen concentrator with intelligent and convenient functions, such as sturdy rolling casters and top handles, allowing you to relax when you need it Walk around the house. By inhaling indoor air and filtering nitrogen, 10 liters of Olive can provide unlimited, worry-free medical grade oxygen, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with a level range of 2-10 LPM (liters per minute). It is very suitable for people who need higher oxygen flow than most household oxygen generators can provide; it can be used with bipap machines to treat lung diseases, and can be widely used in hospitals, clinics, health centers and home care, the elderly, and mental labor at all levels Waiting for 1-2 students to use the oxygen concentrator and students.

What is a dual flow oxygen concentrator?

The dual-flow oxygen concentrator allows the use of the same oxygen concentrator to serve two patients, thereby reducing power consumption and reducing the purchase of oxygen concentrators. The concentrator provides 5L 10 L 20L output, which is adjusted on two independent flow meters. Provide 93% oxygen concentration for patients in need of oxygen therapy

Product Feature:

>>Lightweight, 12kg ONLY
>> Large LCD display
>> Wheels with brake
>>3 years warranty
>>CE ISO approved

Available For Two People Use.

OLV-10S model is medical standard oxygen machine.oxygen purity over 90% at all the oxygen flow 1L to 5L.
Suit for two people use at the same time. If you are using dual flow. want to use only 1. you can adjust one flow meter to 0, which can lock one flow.

Efficient Zeolite

good adsorption, fast oxygen production, high concentration
long service life and high stability.
Seamless aluminum tube has higher tightness and longer service life. 

Oxygen Concentrator Product Specification

Model OLV-10S
Oxygen flow 1-10L/min adjust
Oxygen concentration ≥93%±3%
Power supply AC220V 士 22V 50Hz 士 1Hz/AC110v 土 11V, 60Hz 士 1Hz
Output pressure 20Kpa-60Kpa
Input Power 800VA
Sound level Less than 50db
Net Weight 28Kgs
Dimension(MM) 350×250×670mm
Working System Continuous flow
Atomization quantity >0.15ml/min(0nly modes with atomization function

Oxygen Concentrator Accessories:
Machine  1Set
Power cord  1Piece
Nasal cannula  2Piece
Nebulizer  1Set(Only atomization models)
Humidifier bottle  2Piece
Air filter  1piece
Hepa filter  1Piece
User manual  1Piece
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