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Olive 8 Liter Medical Electric Oxygen Concentrator For Home Care

Item No.: OLV-8
Min.Order Quantity: 1Set/Sets
Supply Ability:100000Set/Sets per year
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
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8 Liter Medical Electric Oxygen Concentrator For Home Care

Specifications Of  8L Medical Oxygen Concentrator :

Model OLV-8
Flow Rate 0-8 L/min
Purity Oxygen ≥ 93%±3%(1LPM)
Power Consumption 650VA
Output Pressure 20kPa~60kPa
Sound Level less than 48db
Net Weight 18kg
Guarantee 12 months
Dimension 34.4x30.6x56.5cm
Product Application Medical Care
8L Medical Electric Oxygen Concentrator Product Feature:
1 High oxygen purity 93%+-3% from 1Liter to8 liter
2 Comes with overload protection system, which can protect machine if meet high voltage.
3 Use France imported CECA molecular sieve
4 Automatic Alarm function :power failure alarm, low voltage alarm, low purityalarm(Optional).
5 CE, ISO approved and got free sale certificate
6 Long life time, more than 20000 hours

8L Medical Oxygen Concentrator Product Introduction:

Many people suffer from heart, lung and other respiratory diseases. Many of these people can supplement oxygen from medical oxygen concentrators for maintenance. Your body needs stable oxygen to function properly. Your doctor will give you oxygen because you have not got enough oxygen from the indoor air. Supplementing oxygen increases the amount of oxygen your body absorbs. Supplementing oxygen is not addictive. Your doctor has prescribed a specific oxygen flow to improve symptoms such as headache, lethargy, confusion, fatigue or irritability. If these symptoms persist after starting the oxygen supplement program, please consult your doctor.

8L Medical Oxygen Concentrator Working Principle:

The molecular sieve formula used in the 8L medical oxygen concentrator is a new type of equipment, which can extract oxygen from the air according to the technology of PSA.Physical adsorption and desorption of molecular sieve technology in molecular sieve oxygen generator, In the air, can be separated from oxygen, don't be absorbed after purification treatment, become the high purity oxygen.The specific work process is through the air purification dryer to purify compressed air, and through the switch valve into the adsorption tower. The adsorption tower in the adsorption tower was adsorbed by molecular sieve. Nitrogen and oxygen were accumulated in the oxygen tank in the adsorption tower, and then the qualified medical oxygen was obtained through the odor, dust filter and filter.

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People Who Need Or Be Suit For Using Oxygen Concentrator?

1 Increased consumption of oxygen: mental workers with excessive brain power, including intellectuals, boss managers, and students taking exams;Urbanites with a hectic pace of life;The driver of the long drive.
2 the oxygen utilization incompetent people: including respiratory (nasal allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis), cardiovascular (high blood pressure, coronary heart disease), cerebrovascular (stroke), blood disease patients (anemia, etc.), the elderly (diabetes, etc.).
3 Urban people with insufficient oxygen supply for work and living environment: large airtight Spaces, hotels, hotels, writing rooms.
4 Elderly oxygen care: effectively reduces and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

8L Medical Oxygen Concentrator Product Picture:


1. Time setting: Can set electric health care oxygen absorption time as required, 0.5h/1h/1.5h/2h.

2. Total use time display: The machine will automatically record the total use time.

3. Alarm function: Power failure alarm function ;Low voltage alarm function; Low oxygen concentration alarm function.

4. Multilayer sound silencers: Four layers sound silencers to lower the sound effectively.

5. France CECA molecular sieve: Not easy to be filled up by dusts, and maintain high efficient adsorption of nitrogen, and to make high purity oxygen.

6. Four layers filter systems: To make sure high-quality oxygen is produced.

7. Restrict testing procedure and inspection: All the raw materials will be subject to restrict testing. And inspection report will be required before products shipment.

8. Brilliant cooling: The fan, condenser pipe and the louver in the bottom ensure the cooling effect.

9. Best silicone tube: Internal pipe that oxygen going through and connecting pipes are the best silicone material, medical-grade, durable and odorless.

10. Novel design: Streamlined plastic design, easy to move with wheels.

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