Finger Oximeter

LED Display Finger Pulse Oximeter for Medical Diagnostic

Item No.: OLV-80A
Type: Blood Testing Equipments
Brand Name: OLIVE
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Model Number: OLV-80A
Instrument classification: Class II
Color: Green,Blue ,Rose Red ,Purple ,Gray
Usage: Health Care
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LED Display Finger Pulse Oximeter for Medical Diagnostic
Finger Pulse Oximeter Product Description:
The Finger Pulse Oximeter drive a red LED (660 nm) and an infrared LED (910 nm). The blue line indicates the induction curve of the receiver tube to the reduced hemoglobin when the hemoglobin is not an oxygen-containing molecule. The reduced hemoglobin Can be seen from the graph. The absorption of red light at 660 nm is relatively strong, while the absorption length at infrared light at 910 nm is relatively weak. The red line indicates the sensor-to-oxygenated hemoglobin sensing curve of hemoglobin with hemoglobin. With oxygen molecule. From the figure, it can be seen that the absorption of red light at 660 nm is relatively weak, and the absorption at 910 nm is relatively strong. In the measurement of blood oxygen, the reduction of hemoglobin and aerobic haemoglobin, By detecting the difference between the two different wavelengths of light absorption, the measured data difference is the most basic measurement of blood oxygen saturation data. In the blood oxygen test, the two most comm On wavelengths at 660nm and 910nm, in fact, to achieve higher accuracy, in addition to two wavelengths but also to increase, even up to 8 wavelengths, the main reason is that in addition to the reduction of human hemoglobin In addition to hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin , there are other hemoglobins. We often see carboxyhemoglobin, and more wavelengths help you do better
Finger pulse oximeter Specification 
Model OLV-80A
Display  OLED two color display
SpO2 Measurement range: 70~99%, 
Resolution  ±1%
Accuracy  ±2% (70%~99%), unspecified (<70%)
Pulse rate Measurement range: 30~240bpm,
Dimension and Weight 130 (L) *100(W) *60(H) mm,65g(without batteries)
Package Details 1 x Fingertip Oximeter
1 x Lanyard
1 x English user manual

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Picture of different type of infant finger pulse oximeter CE approved  blood pressure monitor with pulse oximeter :

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