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How To Choose The Medical Oxygen Concentrator That Suits You


How To Choose The Medical Oxygen Concentrator That Suits You

   At present, medical oxygen generators have become an essential daily necessities for families, especially in families with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases. At the critical time, medical oxygen concentrator can also help.

Step 1:

For a wide variety of home oxygen concentrator brands, you should see the main performance indicators when selecting a home medical oxygen concentrator, such as oxygen output oxygen flow and oxygen concentration. The general oxygen consumption rate of a medical oxygen generator is about 3-5 L per minute, and the oxygen concentration is more than 97% of high purity oxygen. Therefore, these important parameters need to be considered when choosing an oxygen generator.The following selina tells you how to choose the right oxygen concentrator

Step 2:

Portable mobile home oxygen concentrator are generally small in size, with low output oxygen flow and concentration, so you can't choose a portable and compact product when you choose. Olive's portable oxygen concentrator achieves an oxygen concentration of 99%. The intelligent design allows you to monitor the oxygen concentration at any time, so you can use it with confidence. For you, the olive oxygen concentrator is your best choice.

Step 3:

The medical home oxygen concentrator can perform space oxygen supplementation on the indoor room, because the oxygen flow and concentration generated are higher than that of the small household oxygen generator, which can improve the oxygen content in the room as a whole, and for the long-term oxygen absorber, get rid of the tube The shackles of the road, as long as you can breathe the air with higher oxygen content in the room. Play a role in health care.

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