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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Benefits

What is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber
The modern life is fast-paced and the work pressure is high. If you have typical sub-health symptoms such as headache, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, and memory loss.
A hyperbaric chamber is a closed, safe pressure vessel. People inhale higher concentrations of oxygen under the environment of 1.3 atmospheric pressure, so as to play an auxiliary role in health care and rehabilitation of certain groups or diseases. The cabin of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a closed container, and pure oxygen or purified compressed air is input through pipelines and control systems. In a high-pressure environment, oxygen inhalation can greatly increase the blood oxygen content and blood oxygen partial pressure of the human body, correct tissue hypoxia as soon as possible, improve and restore and improve the function of the human body.

for the treatment of various diseases
Practice has shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is suitable for more than 100 diseases, and there are about 40 kinds of diseases that are used the most and have the best effect in practice.
In a high-pressure environment, oxygen inhalation can greatly improve the blood oxygen partial pressure and blood oxygen content of the human body, and correct tissue hypoxia as soon as possible, so it can cure diseases. Secondly, it can improve and improve microcirculation, promote the establishment of collateral circulation, and improve the brain tissue in the blood supply range of blocked blood vessels. In addition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also improve human immunity and improve sub-health status.

1. Oxygen helps improve sleep
Sleep is an important physiological process. If people don’t get enough sleep, it will inevitably lead to increased oxygen consumption in the brain, resulting in relative hypoxia. People are excited when they are mildly hypoxic, and the result of excitement will in turn affect sleep. , and finally fell into one: the vicious cycle of insomnia - hypoxia - insomnia, oxygen inhalation can break this vicious circle and give you a sweet night.

2. Oxygen helps relieve fatigue
The causes of fatigue are multifaceted, and most of them are related to hypoxia. Oxygen can promote metabolism, facilitate the digestion and absorption of food, and convert them into energy (ATP) needed by the human body in time, allowing us to maintain abundant physical strength or energy.

3. Oxygen helps to beautify the skin
In the case of sufficient oxygen supply, the lifespan of sweat glands or sebaceous glands can be prolonged, thereby maintaining the luster and smoothness of the skin. The elasticity of the skin is related to the tension of the skin and the condition of the subcutaneous fat. Oxygen helps to maintain this tension.

4. Oxygen Helps Relieve Drunkenness
The metabolism of ethanol is carried out in the liver. In the process of metabolic oxidation, the participation of oxygen is inseparable, and energy is released at the same time, so the decomposition of alcohol in the body requires a lot of oxygen. After drinking, there is more or less a state of relative lack of oxygen, and oxygen helps relieve drunkenness

5. Oxygen helps eliminate the harm caused by smoking
The smoke produced by human smoking contains carbon monoxide. After carbon monoxide enters the human body, it competes with oxygen for hemoglobin receptors, and the binding force with hemoglobin is about 200 times greater than that of oxygen. In the case of sufficient oxygen, the dissociation of carboxyhemoglobin can be accelerated, thereby restoring the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin. Therefore, for people who usually smoke, if they can live or work in an oxygen-rich environment, or inhale oxygen intermittently and regularly, the harm caused by smoking to the human body can be reduced.

It is an effective and direct way to solve the lack of oxygen in the human body. In the hyperbaric oxygen environment, oxygen inhalation can greatly increase the blood oxygen concentration and blood oxygen partial pressure of the human body, and can correct the hypoxia problem of tissues as soon as possible, and quickly improve, restore and improve human function.

Asthma bronchitis, pneumonia, acute CO poisoning, stroke sequelae, cerebral hemorrhage, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, heart disease.
Treatment of Alzheimer's disease, stroke, muscle paralysis, neurological disorders, autism, schizophrenia, headache and migraine.
Treat insomnia, improve poor blood circulation, prevent Alzheimer's disease.
It has a therapeutic effect on diabetic retinitis and keratitis.
Promotes edema resorption stimulation, finely combined with post-surgical cell regeneration, promotes healing of muscle and bone wounds.
Traumatic infection, acute soft tissue injury, ulcer, burn, wound, fracture, etc.
Acne, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, alopecia areata, skin disease treatment, etc.
It has an adjuvant treatment effect on infertility, and has obvious adjuvant treatment for postpartum recovery and postpartum repair.
It has obvious therapeutic effects on the rehabilitation of children with congenital cranial nerve defects and congenital brain development problems.
Accelerate skin cell repair and regeneration, improve skin cell activity, promote lipolytic enzyme activity, and lose weight.

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