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Best-selling Australian Portable Good Night Auto Cpap Machine With Humidifier

CPAP machines adopts continuous positive airway pressure therapy to treat or alleviate related respiratory diseases.It is suitable for clinical treatment of sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS).
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 Best-selling Australian Portable Good Night Auto Cpap Machine 

 Auto Cpap Machine Product Specification: 

Product Name Medical Cpap Machine
Screen 128*64 LCD
Colour Cray
EPR (1-3 level) 4-20cmH2O
Working dB ﹤30dBA (working at 10cmH2O)
Ramp Duration 0-60mins
Net Weight 1.8kg
Size 255*170*112mm
Function Treat Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Accessories The standard accessaries include a set of Nasal Mask, Head Belt, 6ft. Tubing, Filter, Power Cord, User's Manual and Carrying Case.

Auto Cpap Machine Product Description:

The  auto cpap machine is a small, auto cpap machinesuitable for non-invasive positive pressure ventilation. It is easy to use, flexible, and reliable. With the continuous improvement of medical standards, especially after the prevention and treatment of SARS, the CPAP ventilator began to enter the primary hospital on a large scale. The clinical application of the CPAP ventilator is reviewed as follows to improve the use of the CPAP ventilator, to treat patients with dyspnea, and to assist the patient to breathe better.
Auto Cpap Machine Working Principle:

CPAP Auto Cpap Machine works on the pressure difference of gas. When Cpap Machine is ventilated, the mechanical drive makes the airway pressure higher than the alveolar pressure, and the gas enters the lungs. After the external mechanical drive is removed, the thoracic and lung elastic retraction. The alveolar pressure is greater than the airway pressure and the gas is removed from the lungs. From this we can see that in the process of human breathing, Cpap Machine can only perform lung ventilation function, that is, it plays a part in the external respiration and has little effect on internal respiration, that is, the gas exchange effect on pulmonary capillaries and alveoli is relatively Smaller
Auto Cpap Machine Product Feature:

1 Auto-Altitude compensation
2 Auto-Leak Compensation
3 Alarm for power off and mask off
4 Humidifier can heat without tank
5 Sleep software records the treatment of time, airflow, pressure, leakage
6 Real-Time display treatment data
7 0-3 level EPR (expiratory pressure relief)
8 Alarm for power off or disconnected
9 16GB SD card can save about 5years used records
10 Parameters lock: all the parameters cannot be changed after setting
11 Combined smart technologies
12 Contemporary and stylish design for bedroom appeal

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Precautions During Use Of Home Ventilators
When using the ventilator for the first time, the patient may feel uncomfortable. The nursing staff should give guidance, adjust the mask, adjust the parameters, and give psychological care. After the synchronization between the human and the machine, the patient's discomfort will be reduced or disappeared.
2.Oropharyngeal drying:
When using a ventilator, the patient may have dry mouth oropharynx. The mask should be adjusted to reduce air leakage and drink plenty of water. The use of a humidifying humidifier can effectively eliminate the above discomfort.
3.Facial crush:
In the stressed parts, such as: nose, , use a Q-shaped skin protective film.
Flatulence, discomfort:
Try to use the nose to breathe, talk less, and use drugs that promote gastric motility if necessary, such as: morphine.
4.Mouth leaks:
If a nasal mask is used, the mouth should be closed as much as possible when using the ventilator. Air leaks in the mouth can reduce the effect. If necessary, use a nose and mouth mask or use a chin strap to adjust the tightness of the mask in time.
5.Drainage obstacles:
When the patient has a sputum dysfunction, the family should regularly turn the patient over to pat the back, encourage more drinking water, guide the patient to have a cough and sputum sputum, and if necessary, inhale, if necessary, the family can give sputum


 Package Of The Cpap Breathing Machine 

1) Box volume: 9.1cmX9.1cmX9.1cm,
2) Outside the box volume: 47cmX38cmX38.2cm
3) Weight: one is about 180 grams, 80 per box, GW/NW: 16.26kgs/15.42kgs.

Shipping Of The Cpap Breathing Machine

we sent the Cpap Breathing Machineto all over the world .

1.By Express. Including DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, Door to door service. 

Takes about 6-7 days on the way.  Suit for sample order.

2.By Air. Send order to airport. Have to pick up order at airport and do custom clearance.

Takes about 3-4 days on the way.Fast & economic. 

3.By sea. Send order to seaport. Have to pick up order at seaport and do custom clearance. 

Takes about 1 month.  


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