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Olive 20L--Wholesale Hospital Oxygen Equipment 2 Person High Flow 20L Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Wholesale various types of oxygen concentrators, high quality, can be customized products according to requirements.

This series of oxygen concentrators are mainly used for small hospitals and clinics. Especially they are suitable for hospital mini oxygen central system.
Hight Purity 20l Oxygen Concentrator Product Specification
Model OLV-20 OLV-20H
Rated Flow 0-20L/min
Oxygen concentration ≥93%±3%
Power supply            220V±10%, 50Hz±1
Output pressure 85±5%Kpa 140-400Kpa
Power 1200W 2200W
Sound level Less than 45 db
Net Weight 65KG 80KG
MechanismSize(MM) 350×500×880 450×750×950
Case Size(MM)  420×440×690 480×490×850

Hight Purity 20l Oxygen Concentrator Product Feature
1. PSA oxygen producing method makes this oxygen concentrator safe and economical. It can work anywhere oxygen and electricity are available.
2. Concentration of the oxygen produced by our oxygen generation plant can be higher than 90%. The flow rate is adjustable in the range of 0-40L/min.
3. Large LCD display on our oxygen producing machine can indicate the operating pressure, internal working temperature, present operating time, accumulated working time and the preset time.
4. Designed with timing function, our oxygen concentrator will stop running automatically when it reaches to the preset time.
5. Oxygen concentration status indicator allows the users to monitor oxygen concentration in real time.

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