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Olive Oxygen Dual Use Double Flow Device Flow Splitter For 2 Person

The OC dual flow device serves two patients, thereby reducing power consumption and reducing the purchase of oxygen concentrators, Compared with the traditional Y Tube, it is cleaner and more effective to avoid  It is easy to clean and easy to operate.

What Is A Dual Flow Device?

Olive's newly developed oxygen dual-flow device uses a splitter assembly consisting of two side plates, a fixed rod and a rotating part. The rotating part and the two side plates are connected by a fixed rod to form a rotating structure to control the branched oxygen channels. Connect or close, so that the device can manually connect or close the oxygen channel, and can also adjust the oxygen flow, which greatly improves the practicability.

Why Use A Dual-flow Device For An Oxygen Concentrator?

>For hospitals and clinics:
the use of dual-flow devices can alleviate the tight oxygen demand of patients,
> For individuals:
prepare a dual-flow device at home to take oxygen with family members at any time
If you are using dual flow. want to use only 1. you can adjust one flow meter to 0, which can lock one flow.
>For Medical Distributors:
dual-stream devices can save costs and bring you more business opportunities

The Dual-flow Device Can Be Applied To Any Single-flow Oxygen Concentrator Of Different Brands

Olive Supplies Oxygen Concentrators to More Than 100 Countries' Government Hospitals, Red Cross, UNCF etc. during this year

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