Auto Cpap Machine

Health Medical Ventilator Automatic Cpap Machine Battery Operated Sleep Apnea Using

The cpap machine can be used in the home environment or in medical institutions. No need for continuous professional monitoring
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Health Medical Ventilator Automatic Cpap Machine Battery Operated Sleep Apnea Using

Automatic Cpap Machine Product  Information  :  



Product Type

Breathing Apparatus





Work Mode

CPAP, Auto, S, T, ST

Product Color


Product Sound

<28 dB

Product Screen

2.8 inch TFT, 320 x 240

total weight


Packing Material

Carton box and foam

Data Storage

SD Card

DC Voltage

24VDC, 2.5A 

Backup Rate

5-50/min, Adjustable

Water Capacity

220ML max

Inspirate Triggle

1-5 level


4-20 cmH2O




Scope of application

1. Night snoring, sleep apnea/obesity hypoventilation syndrome, nocturnal hypoxemia syndrome; 2. Daytime sleepiness, memory loss, mental paralysis and personality changes, snoring (sleep snoring) cerebral hypoxia Disease; 3. Respiratory medicine, otolaryngology, sleep room (center) treatment of sleep-disordered breathing; 4. Neurology treatment of various causes of respiratory insufficiency, respiratory disorders; 5. otolaryngology for upper respiratory tract surgery Respiratory support.





Product Description

Cpap Machine Gives A Predetermined Level Of Pressure. It Releases A Gust Of Compressed Air Through A Hose Which Is Connected To The Nose Mask. The Continuous Air Pressure Is What Keeps The Upper Airway Open. Thus, Air Pressure Prevents Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Which Occurs As A Result Of Narrowing Of The Air Passage Due To The Relaxation Of Upper Respiratory Tract Muscles While The Patient Sleeps. It Assists In Increasing The Flow Of Oxygen By Keeping The Airway Open. Cpap, Though Primarily Used To Treat Sleep Apnea, Has Also Proven Useful For Those Suffering From Other Respiratory Problems

Ventilation method for home ventilator

1, intermittent positive pressure breathing: the most basic ventilation. When inhaling with a ventilator, a positive pressure is generated, the gas is forced into the lungs, and the body exhales the gas by itself.
2, exhalation platform: also called inspiratory positive pressure breathing, inhalation, before exhaling with the ventilator, the exhalation valve continues to close for a period of time, then open exhalation, this time generally does not exceed 5% of the respiratory cycle Can reduce VD/VT (dead cavity / tidal volume)
3, positive end-expiratory pressure ventilation: under the premise of intermittent positive pressure ventilation, use the ventilator to maintain a certain pressure in the end of the airway, play an important role in the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome, non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema, pulmonary hemorrhage .

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 Package Of The Cpap Breathing Machine 

1) Box volume: 9.1cmX9.1cmX9.1cm,
2) Outside the box volume: 47cmX38cmX38.2cm
3) Weight: one is about 180 grams, 80 per box, GW/NW: 16.26kgs/15.42kgs.

Shipping Of The Cpap Breathing Machine

we sent the Cpap Breathing Machineto all over the world .

1.By Express. Including DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, Door to door service. 

Takes about 6-7 days on the way.  Suit for sample order.

2.By Air. Send order to airport. Have to pick up order at airport and do custom clearance.

Takes about 3-4 days on the way.Fast & economic. 

3.By sea. Send order to seaport. Have to pick up order at seaport and do custom clearance. 

Takes about 1 month.  


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