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Item No.: OLV-M6
Optional oxygen concentration FIO2, blood oxygen SPO2 and end-tidal carbon dioxide ETCO2. It can monitor peak pressure, average pressure and end-tidal pressure.

Technical specifications
Monitoring parameters: Peak pressure
Mean pressure
End-tidal pressure
Expiratory tidal volume
Inhaled tidal volume
Respiratory rate
Ratio of inhalation to exhalation
Inhaled oxygen concentration
Waveform monitoring: Pressure waveform
Flow rate waveform
Alarm information monitoring:
Peak pressure upper and lower limit violation alarm information
The upper and lower tidal volume exceeds the limit alarm           The upper and lower limits of ventilation alarm
Suffocation alarm message
End-tidal pressure upper and lower limit alarm
Oxygen concentration upper and lower limit alarm (optional)
Blood oxygen upper and lower limit alarm (optional)
End-tidal carbon dioxide upper and lower limit alarm (optional)
>>>Simple connection, can match all animal anesthesia machines.
>>>Used in the respiratory safety monitoring of small animals, dogs, cats and large animals of 0.1-100kg.
>>>9-inch high-definition touch screen, displays alarms, waveforms, and all set parameters.
>>>PEEP monitoring with positive end expiratory pressure.
>>>Double waveforms, accurately grasp the animal's breathing state.
>>>With the function of monitoring pet suffocation and alarm, making the operation process safer and more efficient.
>>>Three-level high and low-level sound and color alarm.
>>>Adjustable alarm volume with quick mute button.
>>>Protection lock shortcut keys to prevent accidental touch.

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