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100l Hypoxic Generator For 4000 Meters Simulated Altitude Training Machine

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Place of Origin: Henan, China
Brand Name: olive
Model Number: OLV-10 T
Instrument classification:Class II
Warranty:2 years
After-sale Service:Online Technical Support
Product name:Altitude Hypoxic Generator For Training Athletes
Flow Range (lpm)::1
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100l Hypoxic Generator For 4000 Meters Simulated Altitude Training Machine


Altitude Hypoxic Generator Product Description:

The Mountain Air Generator is our newest, most advanced altitude generator. Which produces a strong stream of low oxygen air for altitude acclimatization, interval hypoxic training (IHT), hypoxic exercise (HX), sleeping tents, and high-altitude rooms. Simulated altitude helps you reach your maximum athletic performance by increasing your oxygen uptake and delivery. The generator works naturally with your body's systems to markedly increase your red blood cell density. In just a few weeks, the MAG can dramatically increase your speed and endurance. No matter what type of sport you pursue, the mountain air generator is the best altitude simulator you can buy.When the human body is exposed to low oxygen air, it responds by making new red blood cells to increase oxygen delivery. More red blood cells in your body means more oxygen to your muscles when you need it, resulting in increased speed, endurance, and power. You reap the benefits regardless of whether you are performing at sea level or at high altitude

What is Simulated High Altitude Training?

The generator is a portable device that uses only air and electricity to produce a stream of clean, low oxygen air. Connect the machine to a breathing mask to power your workouts on a cycle trainer or treadmill. Connect it to our Snowcap sleep canopy to sleep at high altitude.The machine can be adjusted from sea level tover 3000 meters. This system represents the latest progress in the development of training technology. This most versatile system for simulating alpine training and exercise is especially suitable for personal home use and in professional sports centers and facilities. Professional and performance athletes and sports teams will also appreciate its quality. Through it, conditioned air from the generator is blown into a training breathing mask covering the athlete's nose and nose. It can be placed in any training facility and turns any training into training in an alpine environment!

OLV-10H High Altitude Hypoxic Generator Product Specification
Flow           Meter                          Feet                                      Oxygen concentration                            
2L 600 2000 18.90%
3L 1000 3333 18.30%
4L 1200 4000 17.80%
5L 1500 5000 17.30%
6L 1800 6000 16.60%
7L 2200 7333 16.00%
8L 2400 8000 15.5%
9L 2800 9333 14.80%
10L 3000 10000 14.20%



Altitude Hypoxic Generator  Product Features:

1. Absolutely dry ,clean and oil free
2. Small and light weight ,easy and safe to operate
3. Simple,reliable and easy maintenance
4. High flexibility,it is movable,can support oxygen for different quantity beds according to demands.

5. .Energy saving,low power consumption
6. .Cost -Effective


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1.Highland Conference Hall-Hypoxic Training Room
It is designed for professionals and is perfect for top sports and training centers and gyms. The standard system is designed for 1-3 people. This lightweight material room is equipped with conditioned hypoxic air.By simply installing training equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes, exercise machines, etc.), it is possible to create a "Alpine Sports Ground" at an altitude of 4,000m!  Maximum comfort-no mask require!Construction can train more people at  the same time. Natural air humidity prevents dehydration

2.Home Small Bedroom-Hypoxic Bedroom(1*0.5*0.5m)
Portable tent design for easy transportation. Ideal for family use, frequent business trips and prepared accommodations.Home Small Bedroom-Hypoxic Bedroom(1*0.5*0.5m) Portable tent design for easy transportation. Ideal for family use, frequent business trips and prepared accommodations.

3.Individual hypoxic training system
The Hypoxic generator can connect with mask to match with bicyle and treadmill to do simulated altitude training

4.Altitude training for sports enthusiasts
Decreased heart rate and blood pressure and help prevent a person from acquiring altitude sickness during hike

5.Simulated altitude training system in GYM and Sports center  
Long-term training can help sportsman to iccrease power output and speed improve muscular endurance and reduce recovery time

100l Hypoxic Generator For 4000 Meters Simulated Altitude Training Machine,Welcome Inquiry!!!


1. Time setting: Can set electric health care oxygen absorption time as required, 0.5h/1h/1.5h/2h.

2. Total use time display: The machine will automatically record the total use time.

3. Alarm function: Power failure alarm function ;Low voltage alarm function; Low oxygen concentration alarm function.

4. Multilayer sound silencers: Four layers sound silencers to lower the sound effectively.

5. France CECA molecular sieve: Not easy to be filled up by dusts, and maintain high efficient adsorption of nitrogen, and to make high purity oxygen.

6. Four layers filter systems: To make sure high-quality oxygen is produced.

7. Restrict testing procedure and inspection: All the raw materials will be subject to restrict testing. And inspection report will be required before products shipment.

8. Brilliant cooling: The fan, condenser pipe and the louver in the bottom ensure the cooling effect.

9. Best silicone tube: Internal pipe that oxygen going through and connecting pipes are the best silicone material, medical-grade, durable and odorless.

10. Novel design: Streamlined plastic design, easy to move with wheels.

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