About us

Zhengzhou Oliver Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling oxygen and hydrogen generators and related medical products. Complying with ISO13485 and medical CE standards, the company serves over 90 countries.

In 2021, it was recognized as a "Little Giant" by China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation and led in domestic oxygen generator exports. The same year, it was named a high-tech enterprise in Zhengzhou and a "Specialized, Refined, Distinctive, and Innovative" enterprise.

In 2022, its subsidiary, Henan Oliver Electronic Technology, was established in Xinxiang. By 2023, the company enhanced its production capabilities, achieving a daily output of 200 units and shifting towards a production-centric model.

Quality Control

Our dedication to quality and service extends to every aspect of our operations. We operate a rigorous quality control system, overseen by five expert engineers and bolstered by collaborations with esteemed oxygen concentrator institutes. This system ensures each unit undergoes a thorough 48-hour testing process before packaging. Olive's monthly production capacity stands at 3,000 sets, each meticulously crafted to meet export standards. Our Research and Development team, comprising three specialized engineers, continuously innovates in collaboration with renowned institutes. Furthermore, Olive's specialized professional registration department assists both existing and potential customers with domestic and international registration processes, backed by authoritative medical analysis and authorization reports from prestigious local institutes. Our commitment is to ensure customer satisfaction and honor through unparalleled quality and service.

Global Reach and Commitment
Zhengzhou Olive  has established a reputation for high-quality products and services, leading to successful sales not only in China but also across more than 120 countries and regions. Our product line is well-received in major markets such as Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, India, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. The popularity and acclaim of our products in these diverse markets underscore our commitment to excellence.

At Olive, our mission is "Create a platform to achieve self-worth! Focus on products and services and concentrate on the health and beauty of global users." This is complemented by our tenet: “A group of people with dreams, doing meaningful things, to bloom a wonderful life!” We are dedicated to offering outstanding services and competitive prices with high-quality goods to our customers. This approach has been fundamental in building strong relationships with our clients and the market at large.

We are committed to demonstrating our strengths and capabilities given the opportunity and the right environment. Our goal is to establish long-term, friendly business relationships with esteemed companies worldwide, driven by mutual trust and our exceptional service. This vision is central to our growth and success in the global market.

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