CPAP Full Face Mask CPAP Face Mask For Sleep Apnea

The full face mask provides an interface for application of CPAP or bi-level ventilation therapy to patients. It is for single patient use in the home/hospital/institutional environment.
Full face masks work well for higher CPAP pressure settings since the wider mask surface area makes the pressure seem less direct and more tolerable to the patient. These masks are ideal for patients who sleep on their back since this position is best for an optimal air seal with a full face mask.

1.Air-leaking prevent: 2-layer of cushions made from medical silicon
2.Safe: with Anti-asphyxia valve and anti-blocking holes
3.Comfortable: two directionsadjustment to fit any size of face. The freedom to move as the mask adapts to your different sleeping positions, helping to maintain a comfortable seal and minimize leak
4.Easy to wear or take-offbuckles

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