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Secure seal & reduced pressure with cushion
Low-profile, open field of vision
Easy disassembly for cleaning
Olive CPAP Nasal Mask, you get an upgrade from earlier designs, creating a mask that perfectly fits any face without compromise. And a combination of comfort and performance provides a reliable nasal mask for peace of mind CPAP compliance every night.
With 360 degrees of pivoting movement, you can easily and effortlessly change sleeping positions and never lose your seal performance. The dynamic hose connection design moves with you so even the most active sleeper can sleep peacefully.

1.Air-leaking prevent: 2-layer of cushions made from medical silicon
2.Safe: with Anti-asphyxia valve and anti-blocking holes
3.Comfortable: two directionsadjustment to fit any size of face. The freedom to move as the mask adapts to your different sleeping positions, helping to maintain a comfortable seal and minimize leak
4.Easy to wear or take-offbuckles

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