2023 NEW Sleep Apnea Cpap Olive Mini Ventilator Apparatus Sleep C-pap Machine

Olive Mini Entilator Apparatus Sleep C-pap Machine
Description FAQ
Difference: C-20A
Screen:  3.5 Inch color TFT
User Interface: One key operation
Pressure:  4-20cmH20,auto adjusting
Accuracy: 士0.5cmH20
Belex:  2-4cmH20,3 levels adjustable, makes the expiration more comfortable
Ramp: 0-60min Noise
Noise: Yes
Auto switch off: Yes
Leakage compensation: Yes
Altitude compensation: Yes
Titration: Yes,95th titration
Humidifier:  0-5 level,water chamber separable
SPO2: Yes, Optional
Parameter monitor: Flow/Press/LK/BPM/Sp02(Optiomu1)/PR(Optional)
Realtime Alarm: Power failure/Low voltage/Airway Block/ligh Leakege/humidifier failure/TF card full
Data download:  FT card 8G
Data report:  available
Seif-diagnostic questionnare: Yes. makes patient understand the potential breathing apnea by himself.
Net Weight:  2.2KG, 280*200*112mm(Host+humidifier)
Gross Weight:  4.6KG, 375*290*235mm
(lost + Humidifier + Handbag +Mask, Tube, Power adapter, Filter, Extension connector)
Warranty:  1 years

Product Spcecification

1. 3.5" colorful LCD screen

Provide vivid information in one page and more legibility; User interface design to enable fast-setup. Real-time data monitoring.

2. Master core technology Dail design

Imported Swiss pressure sensor cooperates with innovative algorithm to fulfill greater sensibility. Rotate one key to complete vatious operations.

3. Lower dBA
Less noise achieved by high-quality Blower.

4.Separable design for host and humidifier

Flexible choices for therapy place are allowed by separable design.

5.Heating Humidifier

5 temperature levels for humidifier are available; designed to prevent back flow and be detachable to clean easily.


6.Blood oxygen monitor

Optional blood oxygen module, real-time monitoring and display of the user's blood oxygen data, to help improve the treatment effect.

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Product Advantages

CPAP/BIPAP Machine Product Feature

1. Multiple respiratory modes: CPAP, S, T, S\T, APCV suitable for various respiratory insufficient patients. 2. Auto-sensibility: lsens and Esens are automatically adopted to individual’s treatment. 3. VAF: Maintain a target tidal volume to meet patients' needs. 4. A variety of alerts: Safer use is ensured by alerts, including power down, air leakage, high/low pressure, ect. 5. Insp time limitation: User can choose a period of time to inhale by setting the max-and min-Insp time, which ensures effective treatments.

Schematic diagram

Why is Bi-level BiPAP More Comfortable?

Double level means double airway pressure, can set higher pressure and lower expiratory pressure,The bi level BiPAP is a more comprehensive dual airway pressure ventilator, which can be set with a higher inspiratory pressure and a lower expiratory pressure, respectively. The machine provides a higher inspiratory pressure when the patient is inhaling To keep the airway open, provide low exhalation pressure when exhaling to ensure that the patient's breathing is smooth.

Do you know what is Respiratory Insufficiency?

External respiratory function is severely obstructed, making the arterial blood oxygen content below the normal range (partialblood oxygen pressure <8kpa) accompanied by an increase in partial carbon dioxide pressure (partial carbon dioxide pressure<6.67KPA), and aseries of pathological processes with symptoms and signs.

Mainly applicable to the following conditions

1.Difficulty breathing,
2.OSA (Obstructive sleep apnea),
3.CSA (Central sleep apnea),
4.MSA (mixed sleep apnea),
5.COPD (chronicobstructive pulmonary disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Moderate to mild respiratory failure, pulmonary function,respiratory insufficiency, severe sleep respiratory syndrome.
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