Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturer 1.5 ATA Premium Luxury Hyperbaric HBOT Sitting Chamber

Item No.: 00226
1. Emergency button to release pressure
2. Automatic air pressure control system
3. Interphone for two-way communications

Total weight of cabin 220KG
Ground weight per square meter  70KG
Outer hull size L2300*W1400*H1740(mm)
Dimension of inner chamber L2100*W1100*H1350 (mm)
Design Pressure and Operating Pressure Operating Air Pressure:20-50Kpa,Design pressure: 70KPA

Sport and Recovery
Hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy is favored by famous athletes all over the world, and it is also a necessary means for some sports gyms to help people recover faster from hard training.
1. Increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the body. The hyperbaric chamber can be raised to 30kpa.
2. Increase blood oxygen saturation. Oxygen intake is equivalent to more than 2 times that of normal breathing.
3. Increase the oxygen diffusion distance in the body. Use the flow of lymph to increase blood flow.

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