1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Sitting Pressurized Chamber Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Althletes

Item No.: 00203
1.Can operate independently without assistance
2.High-quality safety technology design, the installation conforms to the actual operation of the pressure reducing valve

①1.3ATA(4.5PSI) or 1.5ATA(7.2PSI) operating pressure
②YKK zipper seal for easier entrance.
③Easy Operation - One people can operate it without assistance.
④Emergency valve - To speed the depressurization in emergency
What are The Parameters of The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber ?
Product name Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Technical parameters Oxygen :5L/min(0.14Mpa)Air:60L/min(0.14Mpa)
Air & O2 Automatic Control System pressured the charmber by air at 120L/min within 1 min; booster mixed 93%±3% at 5L/min and air 60L/min automatically after 1min.
Also can adjust according to your requirement
Outlet Oxygen, Air
Charmber Material TPU
Working pressure
1.3ATA(4.5PSI) or 1.5ATA(7.2PSI)
Device size
Air Cooler
Metal Fame and Connecting Rod
Cover Assembly

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