Personal Monoplace Chambers Mild Portable Standing Pressurized Chamber Soft Hyperbaric Chamber For for Hearing Loss

Item No.: 00210
1.Can operate independently without assistance
2.High-quality safety technology design, the installation conforms to the actual operation of the pressure reducing valve
①1.1ATA or 1.5ATA(7.2PSI) operating pressure
②YKK zipper seal for easier entrance.
③Easy Operation - One people can operate it without assistance.
④Emergency valve - To speed the depressurization in emergency
What are The Parameters of The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber ?
Product name STANDING TYPE Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Technical parameters Oxygen :5L/min(0.14Mpa)Air:60L/min(0.14Mpa)
Air & O2 Automatic Control System pressured the charmber by air at 120L/min within 1 min; booster mixed 93%±3% at 5L/min and air 60L/min automatically after 1min.
Also can adjust according to your requirement
Outlet Oxygen, Air
Charmber Material TPU
Working pressure
1.1ATA -1.5ATA(7.2PSI)
Device size
Air Cooler
Metal Fame and Connecting Rod
Cover Assembly

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