Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator Portable O2 Concentrator Pulse Dose Oxygen Concentrator

Item No.: 00195
Pulse technology detects when you are about to inhale and delivers a bolus (pulse dosage) of oxygen at the start of your breath. After supplying you with a burst of oxygen to breathe easier, the concentrator will rest and wait for your next breath.
Pulse dose oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen on inhalation. This type of oxygen flow is ideal for treating respiratory conditions that do not require a high LPM (liters of oxygen delivered per minute). The benefit of a pulse dose oxygen concentrator is that it works with your breathing needs as they change. You get oxygen at your own pace. Plus, pulse dose oxygen concentrators are usually small, compact and lightweight so they are also easy to take along for daily activities.

Pulse dose oxygen concentrator Technical Parameter

Power requirement AC power adapter AC 100-240V 50-60Hz 
DC power adapter DC 12-24V
Internal battery Nominal voltage 14.4V
Nominal capacity 6800mAh
Battery energy 98Wh
Endurance time 5 gears running 2 hours
1 gear running 4.5 hours
Charging time Direct charging in machine 7 hours
Dock charger 4 hours
Wholesale machine power 5 gears running charging state   75VA
5 gears running without battery 55VA
1 gear running without battery 21VA
It detects your breath and delivers essential oxygen needs with precision. This unit is both lightweight and compact, weighing only 5.18lbs with 3 power supply modes. Its design allows oxygen delivery on-the-go, so users can stay active.
Display screen 3.2” TFT
Noise level Less than 60 dB
Net weight 5.18lbs (including battery)                                            
Size 225mm*90mm*165mm
Oxygen outlet pressure 120kPa
Oxygen purity 90-96% v/v
Rated flow 1L/min
Effective breath/minute 10-40 times
Inspiratory trigger pressure  <=0.2cm h2o

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