2024 Upgrade 600ML/ 900ML Olive Hydrogen Therapy Machine Hydrogen Inhaler H2 Inhalation Machine

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New Arrivals 99.99% Purity Home PEM Hydrogen Generator 300ml 600ml Hydrogen Inhalation Machine for Single or Double Person Use
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Do you know what is the benefit of hydrogen?

Cancer patients receiving radiotherapy often experience fatigue and impaired quality of life (QOL). Many side effects of radiotherapy are believed to be associated with increased oxidative stress and inflammation due to the generation of reactive oxygen species during radiotherapy. Hydrogen can be administered as a therapeutic medical gas, has antioxidant properties, and reduces inflammation in tissues. This study examined whether hydrogen treatment, in the form of hydrogen-supplemented water, improved QOL in patients receiving radiotherapy. -------References Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on the quality of life of patients treated with radiotherapy for liver tumors

By inhaling hydrogen gas (67%) 1 h, 2 times per day, the GBM growth was significantly inhibited, and the survival rate was improved in a rat orthotopic glioma model, suggesting that hydrogen might be a promising agent in the treatment of GBM-------References Hydrogen Gas in Cancer Treatment
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(Ⅲ) All our oxygen/hydrogen equipment are CE, ISO certified
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1. 2 in 1,machine can provide both hydrogen and oxygen at the same time,good efficiency
2. 99.99% purity . For M models,purity are H2 66.6% and O2 33.3%
3. Two person can use at same time
4. 1 year warranty 
5.  Full accessories,suitable for many parts of the body, multiple functions
6.  Anti-inflammatory, adjuvant therapy for cancer patients, improve quality of life
7.  Medical grade pure titanium electrolytic cell
8.  The alarm system prolongs the life of machine
9.   Preset using time, and sleep function, guaranteed better sleep at night
10. Super quiet, less than 40db
11. Large screen, large font, easy for old people to use

Product number                  OLV-300H             OLV-600H             OLV-300M           OLV-600M            
Hydrogen flow(mL/min) 300/— 600/— 300/150 600/300
Rated power (W) 140 200 200 200
Net weight (Kg)                   5.5 5.8 5.5                       5.8                         
Hydrogen purity 99.99%                                                                                                               
Power input AC220V/110v, 50hz/60hz
Temperature 5℃~40℃
Relative humidity ≤80%
Pressure 700hPa-1060hPa
Water quality requirements Double distilled water or pure drinking water
Product size(mm) 230*280*390

Why choose OLIVE?
√Olive hydrogen inhaler machine is very popular in China because it can Assisted therapy cancer, depression, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc. It can also help patients sleep better, relieve pain, and even increase their life expectancy.
√SPE electrolytic cell, using the world's most advanced technology platinum coating, DuPont membrane N117, longer life than traditional membranes, food-grade water tanks are safer, automatic water quality detection, voice prompts for easy use

1. The water should be distilled water (TDS = 0)
2.One time add water can use 10 days
3.Shelf life: 7000hours
4.Suggest use time 30mins to 1hour
5.The concentration of hydrogen can reach 1100ppb - 1400ppb within 1 minute when dissolved in 1 litre of water.
8. Setting time: max 10 hours, min 30 minutes.
9. In the hydrogen production state, click the "Sleep" button, the background water tank light will be off, and the brightness of the display will be dim;
Click the "Sleep" button again, the background light of the water tank will be on, and the brightness of the display screen will be normal.
10. Press and hold the "Sleep" button for more than 2 seconds, and then press the "Timer+" or "Timer-" button to adjust the volume.
Among the five adjustable volume levels, the default is the fourth level, and the volume adjustment has a memory function.

Warning Tips

Do you know how to drain it?

Let's operate together according to the picture below!
1. Take out the drain connector and connect the drain connector to the drain pipe. When taking it out, try to pull it out by hand. 2. Before inserting the drain connector into the drain hole, prepare a container for the drained water. 3. Press down the metal piece and pull out the drain connector. If water leaks out when the drain pipe is separted from the drain connector, wipe it with gauze or towel. 4. Return the drain connector to its original position.
Hydrogen Inhalation Machine


1. Don't rush for hydrogen absorption. 2. It is recommended to do it two hours after the meal, as far as possible to stagger with the peak period of digestive system activity. 3. It is not advisable to take too long at the beginning of hydrogen absorption. It is recommended that within half an hour, and then gradually increase the time. 4. Young people can increase relatively quickly, and older people try to slow down as much as possible. 5. After a period of inhalation, stop for a while to prevent hydrogen tolerance.Hydrogen Inhalation Machine
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Hydrogen Inhalation MachineHydrogen Inhalation MachineHydrogen Inhalation MachineHydrogen Inhalation Machine
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