Wholesale 2.0 ATA Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber HBOT Hard Hyperbaric Chamber

Item No.: 00202
1. Emergency button to release pressure
2. Automatic air pressure control system
3. Interphone for two-way communications

Chamber Capsule pressure 2.0ATA
Material Aluminum Alloy
Average Oxygen ≤25%
Size 750*2160mm
Weight 90kg
Oxygen Concentrator O2 Flow rate 5L/min
Air Flow rate 60L/min
 Lcd display pressure and oxygen concentratration in charmber, 
total working time, setting time.
Size 335*315*365mm
Weight 23kg
Voltage AC110V/220V;50/60Hz
Power consumption 600W

1. Slide-type entry door with wide and convenient transparent viewing window. The sliding glass door makes for ease of entry and exit and also allows for ample light into the chamber while also providing the ability to view clients easily.
2. Easy operation: Can be operated without the assistance of a 2nd person.
3. Interphone system for two-way communication.
4. Automatic air pressure control system. Features an emergency pressure release valve on the inside of the chamber to speed up the depressurization in an emergency.
5. Additional Oxygen Inlet Port available for expansion. Delivers oxygen under pressure via an oxygen headset/ face mask
6. Provides the best quality and features in this price-point where others offering the same quality at double the price.
7. Equipped with an internal pressure gauge to allow the user to observe the pressure.

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